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GVA economic

Leading the way

Swindon’s workforce has a GVA of over £30,000 per head, far above the UK’s average of £22,00 and the South-West of £20,00, making us 12.5% above the national average.


45 minutes
to lndon

Now the world has justbecome a whole lot closer

London rail connections are due to be improved with the electrification of the main GWR line with, new faster trains, making business a whole lot easier.


UK’s 6th
most prductive

Employment in the townis thriving

Engineering has been joined by IT and finance, amongst others. With 82% of jobs in the private sector, Swindon has the right mix of skills and productivity to support your business growth.



Assistant Project Manager x 2


of the UK population
within one hour.

Well located

Excellent connectivity from road and rail links means there is a wider access to attract and retain talent from the surrounding areas. Growth has driven up values in nearby towns and cities and with pressure from London exacerbating this, allowing Swindon to offer businesses and residents excellent value for money.


20 Hectres for
new enterprise

One of the best opportunitieswest of London

Reconnecting the town centre to its unique, world- class heritage with a new ‘zone of enterprise’ on its northern edge, and to the train station – will make this area one of the most substantial and appealing development opportunities, equating to 75% of the development area in London’s King’s Cross.