Established to deliver and facilitate economic growth regeneration in Swindon.

Forward Swindon is a limited company, funded by the Council, but operated independently with a private sector dominated Board. The staff includes specialists in economic growth and inward investment, property development, senior business management, marketing and communications, and project management, with a mix of backgrounds in the private and public sector.

Forward Swindon is refocusing its priorities on redeveloping and maximising return on council-owned land, accelerating pace of development and driving quality whilst contributing to town centre regeneration and wider economic benefits for Swindon.

Forward Swindon produced a five year Business Plan in October 2010, and the Company updates its detailed delivery plan each year in conjunction with the local authority, Swindon Borough Council. We are currently in discussion with our shareholders to agree priorities for the next 3-5 years, while inward investment and major regeneration projects continue to progress.